loss of petsLOSS OF PETS

Loss of pets can be a devastating experience. I have witnessed the grieving of people who have lost their dogs through euthanasia. It is such a wrench, such an excruciatingly painful experience and for a long time afterwards the dog owner feels bereft and sad and sometimes distraught.

Friends and relatives are not always sympathetic; they do not understand what is going on with the grieving pet-lover. Thus you may feel alone in your grief.

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loss of pets


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For many people a pet is not “just a dog” or “just a cat”; it is a beloved member of the family. When your pet dies a significant, perhaps traumatic loss may be felt. Being devastated with feelings of grief, sadness and loneliness is natural. Some people may not understand the depth of your mourning following loss of pets

The grieving process occurs slowly and grieving the loss of your pet is a highly individual experience; allow the process to naturally unfold. Grieving is a highly individual experience and the process occurs gradually. Express your grief rather than “bottling it up”. No one can tell you when it is time “to move on” or “get over it”. It is OK to cry or not to cry. It is OK for you to be angry. It is also OK for you to laugh about memories of your beloved animal companion.


Coping with the loss of pets can be complicated by the fact that not everyone understands grieving following the death of  a pet. Some people assume that the loss of a pet should not be as significant as a human loss or that it is inappropriate to grieve for an animal. Some are not able to appreciate the level of companionship and love a pet can provide. For more see


loss of pets


loss of pets