anxiety support group


A new series of anxiety support group sessions will start when sufficient people have expressed interest. There will be 8 weekly sessions with each session being one and a half hours in length. There will be 4 to 8 clients in each group. The group(s) will be held at Castle Hill and/or Wahroonga.

Vivienne will be your group leader.

[note that there will be no group sessions held during school holidays].

Who can join the anxiety support groups? Anyone experiencing anxiety, from 18 year olds to seniors. No referral is required. Carers and past members are also welcome to be members of the new support groups.

Call Vivienne today to make an enquiry or to book your place in one of the anxiety support groups. Let her know which days and times would suit you best. I know it takes courage to take that first step…

CALL ME DAY OR EVENING 0478 783 506  or   9943 2400

The aims of the anxiety support group include sharing  experiences of anxiety with other members, and supporting each other. Members will learn more about anxiety, and discuss ways of dealing with anxiety.  Ideas from group members will be welcome. For example, if group members would like to learn some relaxation techniques then these can be incorporated into the program. Note that whatever is said during the anxiety support group sessions is considered confidential.

What is Vivienne’s role in the anxiety support groups?  It is not to be the expert; she does not have all the answers for you.  Her role is not to diagnose your anxiety disorder nor give advice about medications; these are roles of a medical practitioner such as a psychiatrist. Vivienne’s role is to help group members help each other, and to facilitate learning. Members can offer each other ways to deal with challenges they are facing in their daily lives. Each group member will be given the opportunity to both share and receive support and information.